It all starts somewhere…

Hi! My name is Rae and I’m a single mom, lesbian and lover of coffee. I’m also an aspiring writer of lesbian romance novels.

While I don’t proclaim to know a lot about relationships (who does?) I do hope to entice you to read about Jo and Sarah in my Coffee and Emeralds book series.



Jo and Sarah are two non-stereotypical women whose paths cross and are forever joined after a chance meeting at a coffee shop.

Have you ever read a romance novel and thought: “great story, great characters, happy ending and all, but what happens next?”

I have. Many times. I started this project in hopes of bringing a complete story together so that people can get to know and follow the characters throughout an entire relationship, whether it be a few years or a few decades. What brings people together? What keeps them together? What breaks them apart? How many happy endings are there really? Think of your best relationship. Through it all, is there still love, passion, and friendship? This is what I’m trying to bring to the genre.

I hope you will follow along as Jo navigates through new intense and confusing feelings while Sarah overcomes the hurdles of insecurity and trust issues in book one: Into the Emerald. Humor, conflict, sex, and heart skipping a beat romance with a promise of more to come.

I’m in the process of polishing book one and finding a publisher. Book two is in the beginning stages.

I invite your comments, questions and suggestions. Thank you for being here!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. King

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