Stop what you’re doing!

I had a busy week. Didn’t get any writing done, and I’ve felt bad about it. I felt like I had hit a wall and it was depressing.

Yesterday morning in the shower ideas came to mind and I had to jump out and write them down so I wouldn’t forget. I had to physically write in my journal since I hadn’t even turned on the computer yet.  Luckily I can read my own writing most days.

After I finished my shower (the water got cold because I left it running), I sat down and felt those familiar feelings again. The words were coming and the more I wrote, the faster they were revealed to me.  I’d gotten about 1500 words down by 7am.

Yes, there was coffee involved.

I don’t think I can adequately describe the feeling that overtakes me when I’m having a great writing session. Exhilaration maybe? That’s not quite right, but close.

I’m thrilled.  I feel like I’m back. Here’s to a great day! For you as well!

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