Events of Life

You know how you can be going through your day, enjoying life and something will come to you that’s painful? A memory or a glimpse of something in the past that you cannot change.  An event that you will never be able to forget?

As I’ve been writing lately, there have been many moments like that. I think it comes through in some of the stories I’m telling.  We can’t learn about life and ourselves without pain.  It’s how we get through it and who we get through it with that matters.

I’m in a really good place now, emotionally.  I can look back and remember things and know that I’m still here and that I got through it.  I had help.  No matter what we go through in life, there is always someone there that helped you get through it, even if you don’t realize it at the time.

So this is my little reminder to all.  Reach out to those that helped you along the way.  Even if you haven’t spoken to them in awhile.  Let them know they made a difference in your life.  Tell them you love them.  Find your joy.  Share it with others.

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