Getting out Into the Emerald

I spent a wonderful morning out in nature yesterday.  I got out Into the Emerald green of the beautiful state that I live in.  A hike, a waterfall, a friend.  Lots and lots of trees along with white clouds and blue skies.  I could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Days like this inspire me to do more.  To show my LGBTQ pride.  To say more and to experience life while I’m here in this world.  If I focus on the positive, the beautiful and the funny I feel lighter.  I want this feeling to continue and I want you to have this as well.  With so much happening in the world now it can give you such a feeling of renewal.

The sights and sounds of nature are awe-inspiring.  Get out into your own emerald and make some memories of your own.  Wear sturdy shoes and get lost on purpose.  Let the person you are with lead you back, but only when you are ready.

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