I have been plagued with computer problems of late and have been so busy with personal things that I haven’t had much time to do any writing.  And technology frustrates me lately, so…

I took a little mini vacation over the last week and it was wonderful.  The time away was great, the company was perfect and the scenery was amazing.

I’m making time to write again.  For the moment my PC seems to be running okay.  All the random freezes were so frustrating that I needed a break from troubleshooting it.

I may go back to Windows 7 if it pops up again.

In any case, my book and my characters are waiting for me.  I need to direct them further, edit their lives and make them so that my readers find them hard to leave when they close the book.

I hope all of you are equally renewed, happy and busy in your lives.  Remember to find the joy.  Always remember that love is love.

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