The sense of it all

Have you discovered like I have that sometimes there is no sense in things?  Things happen that we have no control over, yet we still try to find a way to exert it.

Our brains make us do this.  We can’t help it.  We can’t let go because that seems like giving up, so we continue on, exerting ourselves to find a semblance of control.  It can bring you a sense of accomplishment sometimes, but ultimately it’s still out of your hands.

I am by far the last person to preach this, but I’m going to anyway.  Be present.  Listen, even in the silence.  If you are the support person for someone else that is going through something, by all means, be there for them.  If you are going through something (aren’t we all at times?) stop trying to control the situation and try to find a way to heal within it.  Try to look towards something positive as hard as that can be at times.  Optimism.

The other thing I will say is don’t keep it to yourself.  You have to have someone to talk to.  Keeping things bottled up is not healthy.  Find a way, find your person, get it all out.  All you need is for them to listen.  A good friend will know this.

Lastly, hang in there.  Don’t give up and don’t feel as if you’ve already given up.  Push forward always, whatever may come.

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