Everything needs revision at one time or another.  I’m not just talking about writing here.

Your personal friendships and relationships, your daily life, your home, car, and workplace.  Revisions are a way of moving forward regardless of how it takes place.

Over the last several weeks, every time I tried to get back into it, I just couldn’t find my place.  I’m happy to say that I’ve found my spot.

I took a break from writing recently because I was in a place where I thought of it more as a chore than something I love.  I also needed to devote time for myself and someone else in my life.  The break was just what I needed and now I am back at it, enjoying my characters again.  Yes, there is revision going on.

Balancing personal life and work/writing life can be hard.  Make sure you make all of it count.  Don’t forget to love what you do, don’t forget to love.  It’s what makes everything worth it.


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