The generosity of spirit-Please VOTE!

No matter what the day brings, I find myself constantly looking for the positive.  For the bright in the darkness.  For the calm in the whirlwind.

Because… I know it’s there.  Just under the surface.  When the ripples in the water slow or stop you can see it.  But not if you don’t look for it.  Not if you don’t do anything to make it happen.

Tomorrow here in the United States millions of us will vote.  Some of us have already cast our ballots.  In order to make a difference, we all have to do our part.  Make sure you do yours.

Embrace your fears, find your strength, be responsible and share your spirit with others.  Open your hearts and minds.  Vote to create change.  Vote to make your voice and the voice of millions of others heard.  We can get through this.  We will rise above.

Don’t blame, don’t point fingers.  Be a force.  Be a change.  VOTE!



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