2018 was life-changing, bring on 2019

New Year, new books.  Coffee and Emeralds, book two is in the works and my goal is to release it by May.  I’m hoping for the end of this new year for book three, but I have other books in the works and will likely get those done prior to book three.

Now that my author update is out of the way, on to more personal things.

I want to wish all of you a very happy, fulfilling, and productive new year.  I want it for myself also and will strive to make it happen.  Positive thinking I tell you.  Positive thinking.

I don’t do resolutions but I do have plans.  I’ve done well the last few years sticking to them.  I haven’t always done as well.  My plans for this year: more time outside (hopefully I can get my son to tag along…teenager), pay down some debt and get some things fixed around the house (more debt will be accrued, lol), more time spent with friends, some travel (probably local), and better self care.

I’ve attached some images from 2018.  Just some good memories.  I’ve had a lot of those.

To you and yours, I wish you only the best.  May your days be filled with love and companionship, joy, laughter and light.  May your difficult times be short and overcome with confidence and understanding.  Happy New Year!

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