Waterfalls and Life

It’s amazing to me how different life feels when I am out in nature. All the BS dissappears. I leave the stress of the daily grind behind and just enjoy the sights and sounds of mother earth.

I can sit in wonder for hours watching the water coming over the falls, carving its way through and over the rocks. I don’t usually have that much time, but I enjoy the time I do have and cherish all of it. My person and I hike frequently and most often seek out a new waterfall. We had been to this one last summer, and the water level was so low (thanks to climate change), that although it was still beautiful, I was absolutely blown away by it this time.

When we got to Alsea falls, there was a downed tree on the other side with a branch hanging over the white water. The power of the water kept the branch moving, and it dipped into the water as if it was taking a drink. We watched it for quite a long time, and it never wavered from it’s “drinking.” I captured a video of it. Visit the blog page on RaeMcDaniel.com to see it.

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Green Peak Falls
Photo by Rae McDaniel

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