The roads we travel

I spent the weekend doing things I don’t usually do. In other words, rather than hiking or walking or spending time outside, I did other things.

With all the rain and the snow recently, we’ve had some flooding here in Oregon. Nothing that directly affected me, but many people were trapped and had significant property damage. To my knowledge, there was no loss of human life, but animals were lost, crops were damaged or lost, and many people will be suffering hardships for some time.Roads were closed due to flooding, businesses were closed and/or underwater and workers could not get to work.

This last Friday was the first decent sunny day we had all week, and people were out and about, enjoying it. I talked to and met many people who despite the week were optimistic and happy to be out. It’s impressive and reassuring to me how people will come together to help one another when things like this happen. It brings us closer. It makes us human. Now if we could just be like this all the time…

As for what I did this past weekend? I spent time with people that are important to me. We participated in the time-honored tradition of a Spring yard sale, I cooked, I baked, and I ate, I saw a movie with my SO. It was a fun and more relaxed weekend for both of us. My SO’s family got some excellent news last week. I am overjoyed for them and so lucky to have them in my life.

Physically we are always on a road going somewhere. Mentally, we do the same thing albeit there are many more roads. Some we take, some we avoid and some we regret. I’m on a great trail right now.

Are you on a great road right now? Don’t forget to look back and see where you’ve been. You can’t always go back, but you can ALWAYS move forward.

That’s it for me this week. Not a single book plug this time.

Enjoy your road this week…

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