Happy Pride!

Happy Pride everyone!

This year at Portland, Oregon Pride I was happy to be able to go with my partner and as usual, Pride NW did not disappoint. 25 years of Pride festivals and they know how to do it right.

There were a large number of supporters of LGBT rights present. Straight allies and their entire families, those offering free mom hugs or free dad hugs, and parents accompanying children of various ages that are somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum. Many more than last year.

It was also refreshing to see so many more businesses and organizations with booths offering support, kindness and information.

We watched several performances including Dreadlight and The Shrike, and bought some merch (a Dreadlight CD). The music was excellent and the MC Cher impersonator was hilarious.

I was unable to attend on Sunday, when Frankie Simone was the closing headliner for the festival. I really wanted to be there, but I had other commitments. If you haven’t heard her yet, check her out on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music or wherever you get your music.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The beginning of the LGBTQIA rights movement.

PDX pride was a peaceful, fun and freeing experience for both of us and I’ve never felt so accepted and content about being out in public with my love.

I know this country is in trouble and we have a long way to go for equality, but events like this give me hope that we can get there.

Just as a reminder, book two of Coffee and Emeralds, Crimson and Amber is now available for pre-order.

You can find both books here:


Thanks and Happy Pride!


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