Taking bigger steps…

I’ve taken some big steps recently in both my personal life and my writing. You can’t learn and grow as a person unless you take those bigger steps.

Joy and happiness is not elusive, you just have to take a chance. Have you ever taken a big step to get that joyful payoff? I would love to hear about it from you. Tell me your sad stories too….they help shape you as a person and help define who you are and who you want to be. They also help you to know who you want to be with and who you should let go.

I say this not to make any particular statement about my own life now, but to let you know I’ve been in both places. It takes time to get there. It takes committment and strength to grow, learn and survive this life. I willingly step forward to grasp the joy.

As I continue to write my next book, a dystopian novel featuring strong female characters, I continually step into the present in the USA and it comes through in my words. I really hope this book makes it to the mainstream.

Thank you as always for reading and going there with me. I hope you find your joy.
I’ve just taken the big step of making merchandise available for the Coffee and Emeralds book series. Tank tops, hoodies, coffee mugs and more. Go HERE to see it for yourself.

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