This past Friday we braved Smith Rock. A beautiful place in Oregon loved by hikers and climbers alike.

The day started off a little chilly, but after a while I shed my light jacket and enjoyed the sun. It only got to about 68, but we were sweating on the ascent (1000ft). We took the river trail to the Misery Trail so that we could see the sights on the other side after the clouds cleared. We weren’t disappointed.

River trail
The view from our descent on the Misery Trail

The shadows of the clouds could be seen on the hillsides on our descent.

There’s something about finishing something even if it’s frightening at some points. The trail was dry with loose dirt and gravel. There were many very narrow areas on the way up, but only a few on the way down.

There were moments of doubt, and moments of fear, but we finished it. We accomplished our goal and have another trail marked off our list. It was worth it. I’m very glad we did it on a cooler day. Even with my camel pack, I still felt dehydrated when we were done, even though we were well prepared with food, plenty of water and other essentials for emergencies just in case.

If you ever make your way there, get there early, bring lots of water and salty snacks, first aid supplies and maybe even extra water for those you encounter that do not have enough.

Monkey face. If you look closely, you can see two climbers. One on top, and one on the face.

Hope your weekend was as satisfying as ours was! Have a great week!

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