Here we go

With the impending release of Crimson and Amber, Book Two of the Coffee and Emeralds series on Audible, life has been both busy and stressful. I continue to work hard on book three and try to manage my time as best I can while working full time.

The evidence of the holiday season is upon us. Halloween isn’t even over, yet I see that Christmas merchandise is already being pushed to every store I reluctantly walk into.

I say reluctantly because I primarily shop for groceries. Food to feed us and the bare essentials in personal care. I know I’m strange, but I do NOT enjoy shopping. And shopping for the holidays? I haven’t even had time to consider Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas!

Okay, I can see that I’m beginning to rant again, so I will stop…for now. LOL.

I love my life. I have an awesome, loving son (who is a bit of a smartass), an incredible partner that I adore to spend my future with, and coworkers that I am proud to work alongside. My family and friends are the best and I couldn’t ask for more.

I would absolutely love to hear from you. Post a comment below if you have a moment. Ask me those burning questions you may have about book three. Ask me just about anything. I can’t promiss I will answer an innappropriate question, but anything book related I will address.

I’ve updated this site to include a link to the published books so that you can find them easily if you wish to know more. I also shamelessly added links to some of the merch I have available, the proceeds of which go directly into funding my writing.

You can find the new content by clicking the MENU button above. Thanks!

One last thing and this is important! Are you REGISTERED TO VOTE?!! I cannot stress enough how important it is to get registered and take part in the upcoming elections, especially if you live in the USA. Get yourself registered and make sure to vote in every election. Let’s get rid of the crazy!!!


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