Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been a fun time of the year. Seeing all the little dinosaurs, jedi knights, superheroes and princesses out and about trick or treating.

I love watching the little creatures and I’m always surprised by some of the costumes.

I have many memories of Halloween. Some of those stories should not be repeated. A particular best friend of mine wouldn’t want me to. You know who you are. 😁

Growing up, we could go out on our own with our older brothers and sisters reluctantly chaperoning us. Nowadays though, parents accompany their kids like never before. The world seems so much more dangerous than it used to be.

My son hasn’t gone trick or treating in years. He says he’s too old. He’s a tall kid, has been near 6 feet since he was 9 years old, and this made some treat providers glare at him, thinking he appeared too old to partake in their offerings. People can be mean.

Halloween is all about fun, togetherness and becoming something else. And then there’s the candy.

Us adults don’t admit it, but we enjoy the candy just as much as the kids do. Come on, say it. You partake as you check the contents of your childs pumpkin or treat bag don’t you? And you continue to dip into it during the week…when the kid isn’t looking? I know…

Whatever you do this Halloween, please be safe, keep an eye on your kids and save me a peanut butter snickers….

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