As promised

We ventured back to Sweet Creek this past weekend and as promised, I have pictures for you. We didn’t make it in time for the intense Fall colors we were hoping for but it was still a lovely day spent outside.

It was cold, just 36F when we arrived on Satuday morning. There were few others on the trail and it was nice to take our time. Most of the leaves had fallen and the rocks, paths, foot bridges and benches were covered in them.

We hiked up to the upper viewpoint this time and were not disappointed. The sun was peaking through the clouds and we got a good view. I’m not sure why we never made it up there before. We won’t skip it again.

The trip back to the car was warmer and the sun was bleaching most everything out for any decent photos. Most of the pictures above were taken on the way in. The cool crisp air with just a hint of maple coming through, the sound of the water heard from every part of the trail…Sweet Creek is just one of those special places where nature really declares itself. The combination of the canyon, the water, the foliage and the waterfalls simply make this hike a favorite of many.

At just a little over 2 miles, this easy trail is great for people of all ages. Dogs on leashes are welcome, although some canines don’t like the foot bridges along the canyon wall.

We returned to the car almost 3 hours later, having spent a significant, but never long enough time at one of our favorite places. It was about 51F when we got back on the road and headed home.

Where will we go next? Hmm. Not sure. We don’t really let the colder weather or rain stop us. We might venture back to the first hike we ever did together, or we may try a new spot. I guess we’ll see. 😊

With Winter fast approaching, I’m hunkered down most early mornings writing book three of the Coffee and Emeralds series. Still awaiting approval of Crimson and Amber for Audible, and hoping that happens soon.

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