It’s hard, isn’t it? Being patient about anything is a chore. Right now, I am exercising patience about several things, some of which I will mention, some I will keep to myself 😁

My second book, Crimson and Amber has encountered some technical issues and I am hoping now for an early December release. It’s a lot later than I hoped (August was the original plan), but this is beyond my control. I am doing my best to be patient while things are being worked on and worked out.

I’m also trying hard to be patient about some other things in my writing life. It’s hard to find time to do what I need and want to do, and still do the day job and take care of my son. The more books I get out there, the greater the chance of being able to do more. I long to please my readers and get more of them.

This time of year, it’s colder, it’s wetter (usually, but much less rain so far this Fall) and it makes it harder to hike certain places. I crave the outdoors and sunshine, along with the sound of the forest and the rivers, streams and waterfalls that we visit. I get impatient about getting outside.

Along those lines..we visited the McDowell Creek area on Saturday. I’ve posted several pictures of Majestic Falls below. It’s not the biggest waterfall we’ve been to, but it is quite beautiful and peaceful.

I love getting outside, and having someone to share it with only makes it more enjoyable, especially because she loves it as much as I do.

Life is too short and time is fleeting. Make sure you spend yours doing things you love, with people you love.

Want some “Get Outside!” gear? Click here, or on one of the pics below.

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