Busy time of year

Are you like me? Struggling to get everything done this time of year? I had to renew my professional license and managed to finally get that done on Monday among taking the teenager to and from school, laundry, grocery shopping and housecleaning things.

I did manage to get my holiday stuff done early and I’m glad I’m not out there right now among all the other shoppers. I had to visit one store to make copies of some old photos I found and though it was a weekday and early in the morning, the parking lot was nearly full and certain areas of the store were crowded.

For years I would avoid being social at this time of year. I didn’t want to share my pain with others. I’m a little older now (only a little!) and I find comfort in being with those few people that understand and accept me for the person I am. My parents may be gone but I am still a daughter, my brother and sister may be gone, but I am still a sister. Now, I’m also a parent and I’m a partner. I find myself welcomed into a new family (my partner’s) and it feels good to be accepted. I am joyful that they accept the two of us as a couple.

I know I kinda harp on this, but here it goes again: “Healing begins with you. Set yourself up to heal, to love, to accept. Don’t dwell on the negative; embrace the positive. Find your joy. Surround yourself with those that do the same.”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. May you find some joy in the season. May you and all of your loved ones be safe, happy and healthy.


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