Hows Everyone Holding Up?

No matter where you live, I’m sure if you are reading this, the COVID-19 virus has affected your life in some way. Are you quarantined? Are you an essential worker? I would really like to know your stories. Please, if you have a comment or story to share, leave them in the comments below.

I work in the Veterinary field and as such, we are considered essential for pet health. Our clinic hours are shorter, and we are limited to seeing patients that are in pain, uncomfortable or otherwise considered necessary for us to evaluate. Owners have to wait in their vehicles while we take their pet into the clinic without them, do the exam, etc, and then return them to their owners. It’s been termed “curbside service”. Most of the Veterinary clinics that are still open are operating this way, including the emergency clinics. Veterinary professionals are more focused than ever on the health and safety of the hospital staff, clients, and of course—our beloved pets.

Doing things this way has been ten times harder for many reasons. We’re all tired. We’re all trying to protect ourselves, our clients and our loved ones at home by being safe, honoring social distance (even at work), and trying to maintain a level of service that we are known for and expected to provide.

Most people are very understanding and even appreciative of how we have to do things, but there are some that make it harder. I know people are scared, uncertain about what’s happening and are in most cases venting. Taking out their frustrations with the person on the phone, or the veterinary professional coming out to the car to retrieve or return your pet, ask questions or bring you your pet’s medications is not very helpful for anyone.

Just know that we are doing the best we can with the imposed limitations we must work under. We are using our protective gear and equipment so that we may do our job, while also protecting human health to limit the spread of the disease. We go to work everyday, putting ourselves and our families at risk for your furry family members. We do things the way we do them to protect YOU and provide needed care for your pets.

We all have this underlying sense of anxiety that tends to build during the day. No one knows what the future holds and this is also a fear. Prior to COVID-19, I would come home from work feeling as if I had made a difference for a pet and their owner. Now, however, that feeling is rare. The stress level get’s to be so high at times, that I feel as if I’ve taken one step forward at work, but then four steps back. Things are so fluid, that protocols change almost everyday. The other big thing? If any one of us get’s sick, we shutter and close until this is over. We are a very small business. Will we re-open if we have to close?

I guess I’m just writing this to let you all know, please bear with us. All of us that are still out there doing our jobs. Grocery store personnel, medical professionals, restaurant workers, bank tellers, gas station attendants, pharmacy employees, pet store workers, laboratory workers, police, fire and other first responders, and yes, Veterinary professionals. There are many other essential workers and businesses and I personally thank you for your service.

Please cut everyone a break and thank them for risking their health to provide needed services. Thank them all for going to work. Thank them for being there for you. They are all doing the best they can. It’s not their fault this virus is out there. It’s not the grocery store checker’s fault that panic created by the virus has caused them to be out of toilet paper, sanitizer, or other items. It’s not the person on the other end of the phone’s fault for whatever issue you may be experiencing. They want to help. They want to do their job. Cut em’ a break. Take a breath before speaking. Getting angry doesn’t help anyone. We all want to help and do our jobs. We do. We really do.

I didn’t intend for this to be a rant, and I’m sorry that’s what it became. I know we will get through this. It will not be easy, but we are strong and resilient people.

Hang in there everyone. Let me know your thoughts below. I would love to hear some of your experiences in these times. For those of you that can, stay home and save lives. It’s the only way we will beat the virus.

I’ll write more later when I have more time. Time for me to get to work. Tomorrow, if I have time, I’ll share what we do to keep busy at home and I’ll ask you what your family is doing. Take care all and stay well!


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