Fun and Games

When I get home from work during the week, I try to find ways to keep myself and my son busy and engaged. TV get’s old after a while. I’ve worked out, done yard work, played video games with my son, cleaned, played with the cat and seen to his every need, and done numerous other things to pass the time. I’ve also experimented with some cooking and baking recently. My son is busy in his virtual classrooms (he’s a junior in high school) followed by conversations with his long distance girlfriend, video games and YouTube videos. Typical teenager.

I have discovered games I can play with my Echo device using Alexa recently and it can be fun. One of my faves is “Akinator”. Tell Alexa to “open Akinator” and then think of a character. She will ask you questions to try and figure out who you are thinking of. Sometimes the questions are really funny, and sometimes I don’t know the answer. If she asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, just say “I don’t know”. Believe me, she will have more questions….I’ve stumped her once. I won’t give away who I was thinking of….

There are many, many games you can play with Alexa. All you need to do is ask her. Song Quiz is another fave.

On the weekends, I’m in a different city with my GURL. Normally, at this point in the year, we would be out hiking as many new places as we can. For obvious reasons, we cannot do that right now. We take walks in the neighborhood, practicing social distancing always. There is a park nearby alongside a river and we can get in some walking without encountering a lot of people. We wear masks and keep our distance from others. The weather has been beautiful here in Oregon the past couple of weeks, and it’s a little depressing that we can’t go do what we love right now, but the health and well being of our country is more important.

Let’s see…..puzzles, tik-tok, mobile games…so much, but then I will find myself going stir crazy just because I know I can’t go anywhere.

Okay. That’s me. What about you? What are you doing to pass the time? Tell me of your inventive ways to spend your free time. What is keeping you sane right now?

Please share in the comments below. There are many of us that need ideas….SPILL!!!

Extra credit goes to the person that can identify the game controller in the picture above…LOL


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