Off the Tracks…

It’s funny how life goes along at a livable pace and then something happens to throw everything off. Often, it doesn’t take much to do that, but sometimes it’s big things that take you off track and you fight like hell to get back on it.

Right now, things are way off the track at my home and we are all fighting really hard to get the help needed and get us all back on it. Some of what’s going on may be related to the current COVID crisis, but it’s not the biggest thing for us right now. We are of course still practicing social distancing, staying home as much as we can (I work in an essential field as my normal job) and trying to keep busy. My son is completing his Junior year of high school online. His stress has increased and his mental state is being constantly challenged. We are supporting him as best we can, but it’s an everyday struggle. My partner also works in an essential field related to agriculture and she is tired, stressed and worried as well. Although we are working, our hours have been cut and it’s increasingly difficult to do our jobs in the time we have available. The stress level at both work and home is intensifying and sometimes it seems there is no end in sight. We just have to keep going, keep living and take care of each other.

I may lose some readers here, but I have to say this. If we had a real leader in this country, someone compassionate, caring and sane, the USA would not be in such dire straits right now. We need a leader that cares about more than himself and his money. We need a leader that tells the truth, is not self serving and doesn’t require a constant stroking of his enormous ego. We need a leader that will listen to science and help America, not just the red states that voted for him, but every state in the union. Every American. We have all waited for him to step up, but he has failed us miserably. I don’t care who you supported in the past, but come November, we have to get him out of there. Put the country first. Put democracy first. Vote for the democratic nominee to bring sanity back to the white house. Okay, enough about the orange thing (I never say his name). I’ve got more important things to worry about.

Things are hard right now. I know this. We will get through this by sticking together, listening to each other and being present. Sometimes an ear is all someone needs to feel better. Talk it out. Get it out. Don’t keep it inside. The damage done by holding it in will have lasting consequences. Find someone to talk to. Be someone to talk to. Lend an ear. There is no shame in seeking a neutral person such as a mental healthcare professional to get you through. If you are feeling mentally exhausted as many of us are, find someone to talk to.

I respect and appreciate all those that are working in essential jobs. Not just the healthcare workers, but grocery store employees, service and repair personnel, public transit workers, farmers, other agricultural workers, restaurant employees, manufacturing and warehousing employees, gas station attendants, and so many others. I also include veterinary personnel and pet store employees that are working as best they can for your pets’ well being. If you can, please thank any of those workers you may encounter. They are risking their own health to do their part to keep America going and they deserve your thanks and your respect. Cut them a break too. Everyone is doing the best they can, trying to maintain a healthy state of mind so they can do their jobs. I’d also like to thank those that are blogging, doing podcasts, artists doing live concerts and providing much needed entertainment to us all. You have stepped up in so many ways and the world is grateful.

I believe the world has been changed forever. We need to take this as a kick in the ass to do more for each other, do more for the environment and do as much as we can to come together as one world for the sake of humanity.

Take care, stay well and be safe out there.


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