Out of the way places

This past weekend, my love and I visited a couple of out of the way hiking trails. One we had previously visited, and one that was new to us. Both trails are not widely known, and we got to both places early enough to have both trails to ourselves for a bit.

Moon falls is a majestic area with an incredible waterfall and a relatively easy 1 mile trail. Getting to it is the big holdup here, and we had our issues. Although we had been here before, Google maps took us on a different route than previous and we ended up on a maze of confusing and rough logging roads that took us to a spot above the trailhead. Google announced “you have arrived” but in fact, we weren’t there yet.

We continued down the road, then around a corner where we finally found the actual trail. It was a stressful trip there, but the hike was beautiful. We took a different route home, on more known roads that were actually paved.

The day before, we visited Natural Arch Rock. It’s not a long hike, only 0.6 miles, but the trail to the arch is a steep hike down. Coming back up took us a little longer and we were sweating.

Natural Arch Rock, Gates, Oregon

It was a hot day, but the breeze and the views managed to keep our attention focused on the fact that we were once again out in nature. On the ride back, we passed right by a waterfall that went unseen on our drive up to the trailhead.

Unknown roadside waterfall, Gates, Oregon

It was a nice weekend. We got outside. We got some sun and some exercise and much needed nature therapy. Its the number one way to reduce stress in my book. I would’ve liked to see more people wearing masks, especially on the narrow parts of the trail where it’s impossible to stay 6 feet apart, but you can’t have everything I guess. We will continue to hike with our masks to protect ourselves. I encourage others to at least bring your mask with you so that everyone can safely get around each other. You don’t have to wear it for the entire hike, just when others want to pass by…protect them and protect yourselves.

Let’s also remember that Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter. Keep the momentum we have going and strive for change! Keep it positive, keep it peaceful and keep it going! Real change comes when real people speak out, speak up and stop being silent. Elections are coming in the US in November….it’s time to make that change a reality!

It’s an election year here in the US. If you haven’t yet, please make sure you are registered to vote! You can do that here: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/ Find your state in the list and check your status. If you are not yet registered, you can register there or get instructions on how to register.

Happy pride everyone! Stay vigilant! Rae

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