I’ve been absent for awhile. There’s been a lot going on in my personal and work life that has kept me focused elsewhere. I apologize to my readers for taking so long to post.

I’m back. I’m writing again, I’m hiking again, and I’m nearly healed from a work injury that occurred in June. These things are all secondary to some personal family things that I will remain focused on. As an update on my writing, book three is nearing the edit stage, and book two is still in production for Audible. I applaud the efforts of my narrator who is going through significant difficulties and continues to work as best she can despite everything. Thank you!

Life here in the US is stressful for everyone as it is in the world. With cases and deaths from COVID-19 rising, the federal government obviously ignoring it and and election just a few months away, the stakes have never been higher. The constant lying, manipulation, and drama from the white house continue to harangue any progress that could possibly be made to combat the virus. The blue state vs. the red state thing has to end. We should not be fighting each other, we should be combating a virus to save lives. The virus is neither a democrat or a republican, it’s simply a killer.

To those of you who still believe the virus is a democratic hoax…Please get the facts straight. It’s killed close to 170,000 people here in the US. By the time you read this, more than 5.4 million people will have been infected in the US alone, and now that children have been forced to return to in person instruction for education in some areas, the number of kids being infected has increased. In a two week period, more than 97,000 kids were infected with the virus since returning to school. This is fact.

Here’s a link to the facts:

We need to come together as a nation and develop a NATIONAL plan to combat this virus. It used to be the American thing to do. Coming together as a nation to overcome adversity used to be our strongest attribute. Can we get back to that please? There are three simple things you can do to accomplish this.

  1. Wear a mask. This is not an attack on your rights, it’s your way to show people that you care. It’s a way to protect yourself and everyone you care about.
  2. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer if you are unable to. Don’t touch your face or your mask after being in a public place until after you’ve used hand sanitizer or washed your hands.
  3. Stay safe and minimize your trips to public locations to limit your exposure to the virus. You cannot control others, and you don’t know everyone else’s habits. If you are unknowingly exposed, you will expose everyone you love that you come into contact with.

I know that this post will not convince everyone. I just hope that you consider others and stop thinking of just yourself. This me, me, me mentality is what is helping the virus to continue to spread. Yes, people are still dying. People are still being infected. Let’s protect our nation, our people and return to the America that we can be proud of. The one that says “I’m a resilient American, and I’m doing what I can to protect our nation, bring us together and save our people.”

One last thing: Freedom is speech is the right of every American. Leave yard signs where they are. Do not steal, replace or deface the signs of others. Show some respect.

VOTE 2020! Go here to check your registration or get instructions on how to register in your area:

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