Onward to 2021

I want to first start out by saying Happy Holidays to everyone. I know this has been a tough year, and it’s not over yet. I wish you all health, happiness and success in the New Year.

With Covid-19, I know it will be difficult, if not impossible to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. It’s a big sacrifice, but one that we must make to keep the virus from spreading further. Over 300,000 people have died from this virus, and more die every day. This holiday season many people will be grieving instead of celebrating.

Keep those people in mind as you make your preparations for your holidays. Keep everyone safe by only gathering with those close family members that you are already exposed to. If you must go out, please wear a mask. Protect others as you would protect those closest to you. By wearing a mask, you are protecting you and your family as well.

My regular job is as an essential worker and I have been wearing a mask since March 2020. I barely notice it anymore. I get a little angry when a client is not wearing a mask when I have to go out to the parking lot to deliver them their supplies, or retrieve or return their pet. I don’t know if they are “antimaskers” or just being careless, but they are putting me, my coworkers and my loved ones at risk by doing this. I want to help them and help their pets, but this makes me feel like they only care about themselves. It’s the selfishness that has the country in its grip and we need to stop.

The people around the country (and world) that have lost someone this year are forever going to remember this holiday season as a time of sadness, fear and overwhelming grief. This stays with you, people. Next year will be harder, and the year after that, and the year after that. Believe me, I know from personal experience how losing a loved one affects your holidays for years to come.

By the time you read this, likely another 2000-5000 people in the US have probably died from Covid-19.

We are a huge, powerful country, but right now, looking at the lines for getting food and other items here in the US, hearing reports on hospitals at capacity, and seeing news reports about protests for restrictions in states to keep the numbers down, I am reminded of Soviet Russia and the lines for food there in the mid 80’s before the collapse of the USSR. Even today there are food shortages in Russia, with 21 million people at poverty level.

So, in closing, please celebrate responsibly and keep in mind those that will not be celebrating this year. We need to come together as a nation, be there for each other, not tear each other apart over a mask mandate or restrictions put in place to protect us. The whole world is trying to fight this virus. Our country is not doing enough because of misinformation and hate. That’s right, hate. Let’s bring back the love and compassion. Let’s be Americans. It’s what America was known for. Let’s bring that feeling back. Let’s overcome this together.



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