Hoping to hear from you…

The second of my soon to be renamed podcast is out and ready for a listen.

In this podcast, I discuss details about “Out from the Under“, and discuss my inspiration for my writing. My current writing projects include the Coffee and Emeralds series, and the new Vella Series: Out from the Under. Send me a message or question and I just may read it on my next episode! Oh and did someone say FREE BOOK? …

Click HERE to listen. If you haven’t heard the first episode yet, it’s here:

I’m looking for name suggestions for the podcast. Any help would be appreciated! Do you have a suggestion? Click the FEEDBACK button on the lower left to send it to me!

To read Out from the Under on Kindle Vella, click HERE. The first 3 episodes are FREE!

What do you think of the story so far? Send me a message and let me know by clicking the FEEDBACK button on the lower left to send it to me!

My first two books, Into the Emerald and Crimson and Amber are now available in hardcover!

Visit my author page here to see them.

Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoy your week!



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