Outdoor Adventures

Falls City Falls
Out to the Pacific Ocean

Since the weather was milder this weekend, we ventured to a new waterfall on Saturday in Falls City.

It really wasn’t a hike, we just got out and looked. All these years living here and we never knew that this place existed. It was a cute little town, and we plan to go back in the future.

On Sunday we took a boat out with a group wearing our masks to do some whale watching. Let’s just say that out of the eight of us half of us didn’t have a very good time. I was fine, didn’t get seasick at all. But others…

We did manage to see one gray whale surface several times and present his tail to us twice. The boat was rocking pretty good when the whale was there, so I didn’t get any pictures. There is a video of us leaving the bay heading out to the open ocean.

It was a really nice weekend spent with family and friends. It felt good to get out again and be outside after several weekends of too hot weather.

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