Kindness rules!

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The rest of this post will be dedicated to reminding people to practice kindness. Everywhere and with everything you do.

I’ve seen an uptick in angry people, blaming everyone that comes across their path for what is happening in the world. It’s actually a little worse than at the heart of the pandemic when people were locked down. People using cars as weapons, driving aggressively and getting angry at those that choose not to go as fast as they want to. I will admit, I go over the speed limit on occassion, but I am NOT going to speed up past my comfort level, no matter how close they get to my car, how angry they look in my rear view mirror, or how much they flip me off. I’ll move over when it’s safe to do so to allow them to pass….and I hope they get a ticket.

I’ve worked throughout the pandemic as I’m considered an essential worker. I got no bonus or hazard pay, I showed up, did my job (which is providing medical care to pets), and rarely complained, despite being yelled at, hung up on, and blamed for something out of everyone’s control. The weird unimaginable increase in the number of patients we need to try to see for an appointment is staggering. There are not enough doctors, or support staff to handle the load, and we cannot be expected to work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I know of so many veterinarians and support staff that have left the profession, much like in human medicine because of the stress and unreasonable expectations of people. I know that people have a sick or uncomfortable pet. I want to help. That’s why I’m in this profession. I’m doing the best I can. We all are. So I’m asking everyone, please try to practice kindness. Not just for the veterinary profession, but for everyone. There are people out there working, doing their jobs to the best of their ability, with staff shortages, shipping delays, product shortages and so much more in the way of providing what we use to take for granted. This is widespread. Practice kindness. Everyone is dealing with the same stresses that you are, only if they work with the public, their stresses include dealing constantly with increasingly crabby and angry people.

Cut everyone a break. It’s time. Kindness can change someone’s whole day, and maybe their whole outlook.

Okay, enough ranting.

I’ll be posting pictures (hopefully) of a hike we are doing this Saturday and hope to have some awesome fall colors to show. Tune in next post for those!

In the meantime:

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Out from the Under will have a new episode on November 5th, and my podcast will be back around the same time, if not sooner!


I wish everyone a great day and weekend! Stay safe, try to smile and hang in there!



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