PC Problems, free books, and crypto

I genuinely tried to get everything out on time this week, but my computer is on its last legs, and it prevented me from completing it in time.

Out from the Under has 33 live episodes now. Only 7 to go to completion of this part of the story! Catch up HERE!

Three years ago, I made a very small investment in an up-and-coming company and it has finally begun to pay off. Enough so that I could afford a new PC. It’s on the way, and then I can stop using the one I’m currently typing on.

The company is called XY Labs. You’ve probably never heard of them, but then again, if you trade any crypto, you might have. Let’s just say that up and coming is still happening, and I’m thrilled that I got in so early.

If you want to know more about XY Labs, shoot me a comment, or check them out online. I won’t spam you with links for them.

The holidays are coming, and I’m scrambling again to get everything done that I want to do. I recently started making vinyl stickers, and have several up for sale on my Etsy site. If you are interested to see them, go HERE I’ll post a few pics of my finished works below.

Just a reminder….win a hardcover copy of all three books in the Coffee and Emeralds series! Visit the entry page here: https://raemcdaniel.com/enter-to-win/

Now open to everyone!!! Get your entry in! I’ve decided to open this up to everyone!

This contest will run until November 25th and a winner will be picked by random draw and notified on November 26th! Good luck!

I’d love to hear from my readers! Now you can send me a voicemail message and I may even play it on my podcast! Go here to leave me a comment, question or whatever!

Send Rae a voicemail!


Don’t know about my podcast? You can access Lavender Lines and Lowdowns on most streaming podcast apps including Spotify iHeartRadio Apple podcasts Google podcasts and stitcher.

You can also listen directly by using this link: Lavender Lines and Lowdowns!

Thanks for your time



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