Pics/Vids and an update…

There are now two episodes of “Drifting in the Stillness of the Turmoil” out now on Kindle Vella. This is the sequel to “Out from the Under” and you can find either or both by clicking the following links:

Out from the Under

Drifting in the Stillness of the Turmoil

If you’ve never read a Kindle Vella story before, they are serial stories, read one episode at a time. You’re first three episodes of any story are always free, and they are still giving away some free tokens so that you can continue to read what you like. Each story costs a few tokens to unlock and if you have to buy tokens, they are cheap (a penny or less per token, depending on how many you buy). Most episodes are between 8 and 15 tokens apiece.

Last weekend, we spent 2 days in and around Bend, Oregon. Enjoying the scenery and doing a few hikes. We couldn’t see everything we wanted to because there is still snow up there, but it was a lovely relaxing beautiful weekend and much-needed time away with my girl.

We visited House Rock and Falls, Tumalo Falls, and returned to Sahalie and Koosah Falls on our way home. We spent most of our time in the Newberry Caldera area with a walk through the lava tubes and the lava cast forest. We attempted Paulina Falls and the Obsidian flow, but there was just too much snow and we couldn’t get there. Here are a few pictures and videos:

Koosah Falls
Tumalo Falls

We had a great time and spoiled ourselves for a bit. It was well worth it.

I hope all of you had a very nice long weekend. I’m looking forward to the week and spending time with family next weekend.

Enjoy your day and as always, thanks for spending a little bit of it with me.


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