Updates and Fun Stuff

The other thing we did was head to a local casino. I’m not much of a gambler, but it was fun. We wore gloves and double masked while we were there. We wanted to have some fun before things shut down again. At one point I was up $100 bucks, but promptly lost it. My partner managed to win back almost everything we lost and we just about broke even. We had a good time hanging with her sister and brother in law, and it’s something we can all do together, and will do again once it’s a little safer out there.

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Outdoor Adventures

On Sunday we took a boat out with a group wearing our masks to do some whale watching. Let’s just say that out of the eight of us half of us didn’t have a very good time. I was fine, didn’t get seasick at all. But others…

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Last August

We ventured out to Alsea falls and Green peak falls last August, 2020 as things started to open up.  Here’s a few pictures.

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