Beauty of life

I had some things in mind to talk about today, but they weren’t quite right for this space.  I’m on this personal journey called life trying to focus on the good and beautiful.  It’s hard to do with so much going on in the world.

I live in Oregon, a place I moved to in December of 1988.  Since then, I have never wanted to live anywhere else.  There is so much beauty here, and it’s not just in nature.

I grew up in a very different environment.  Concrete jungle I guess you could say.  There’s nothing wrong with that really, but when I came here I was blown away.  I visited Oregon with my family as a child and always knew I would be coming back.

I discovered myself here.  I felt unbound by expectations.  I was clueless for many years as to why I was so happy here, but once I figured things out, I was changed forever. One of the things I discovered was my own inner beauty.  We all have it.  Bringing it to the surface as often as possible brings it out in others and it can be magical.

Walk into any environment with other people and smile at them.  Talk to them.  Laugh with them.  Make them laugh.  Keep it focused on the positive if you can.  You’ll come away with such a great feeling.  Sometimes it’s a feeling of happiness, sometimes it’s in knowing you made a new friend, sometimes it’s a feeling of great accomplishment.  There are so many possibilities.  Life is way too short.  Get out there and discover some of those possibilities.  Everyone will be better for it.


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