Evolving storyline

Our lives are ever evolving storylines. Just like a book, but not as dramatic. Or maybe some lives are more dramatic? I certainly see that in the world around me.

Even when our lives are going well, sometimes we focus on the dramatic and forget to stop and enjoy what is good and right.

You know the old saying: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” I agree with that statement, but what do we do when life gives us peace, happiness, love or chocolate? My advice to you is that when life gives you something good, remember to enjoy it. In other words, when life gives you chocolate, EAT IT UP! Dwell on THAT!

The images posted are from the Wooden Shoe and Tulip festival in Woodburn, Oregon this past weekend. It was overcast and threatening to rain (it didn’t), and the flowers were beautiful. There were probably several hundred people present doing the same thing we were doing, enjoying the beauty and the day.

My partner and I strolled around people watching and taking many pictures. Shortly after we arrived, in one of the first fields we went to, we witnessed a young woman proposing to her girlfriend in a field of tulips while two of their friends took video and pictures of the event. She said yes by the way.

The festival had hot air balloons that you could go in. They went up and down to allow you to see the whole landscape, and it looked fun. I was content to stay on the ground and enjoy the view from close up.

It had rained for several days before so the ground was wet and muddy in some areas and some of the flowers were spent. We kept waiting for the sun to come out a little more so that more of the flowers would open up, but the overcast skies were against us. I didn’t care too much about that. It was still a great day, with beautiful scenery and great company.

My great company had to get all muddy when my car got stuck in the mud as we were leaving. Luckily, she’s strong like bull and pushed me enough so I could get it free. When she got back into the car, I thanked her as she was trying unsucessfully to get all the mud off of her shoes before putting them in the car. I just laughed. I can clean the car. It’s not a big deal. Her big concern was getting the mud off of them before going to her mom’s on Easter. That would have been bad.

I know this post is a little longer than most, so I will close with a reminder to you to slow down and enjoy what you have. Enjoy your life. Try not to dwell on the negativity that is out there. Focus on the good, not the drama. Live. Laugh. Remember to breathe. Get the mud off of your shoes… 😁😘

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