Learning to Grow

Opal creek near the pools.  Beautiful green water, turning white as it rushes through the rocks.

Another wondrous weekend spent outside enjoying nature with the one I love.It was a long hike through the trees and the tiny off the grid community of Jawbone Flats, Oregon to Opal Pools. We sat and ate lunch at the spot pictured above and enjoyed the warmth of the day and the feeling of renewal such a day gives. Whenever I take on something that may challenge me, I try to learn from it and grow as a person. It makes me a better partner, a better mother, and a better human.

What did I take from this weekend’s experience? I think I learned a little about myself. I also gained a new understanding of my partner. Her journey in life has been different than mine.

All of us are different, and it’s good to find ways that we are the same. It brings us closer. It helps us learn and grow together.Although we all go through life differently, we can almost always find common ground about something. Shared experiences bring joy and laughter, but also struggles and the triumph over them.

I couldn’t be luckier than to have these experiences with her. To be alongside her with her personal triumphs and share mine with her.

I know my readers expect me to write about Into the Emerald or my other forthcoming books, but I feel it’s my job to bring you something positive as well as natures beauty in my blog.

I hope you enjoy your week and find some beauty of your own. Thank you as always for reading and please, comment below or send me a message. I read and answer all messages (except for spam).

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