Eugene Pride

It was nearly 100 degrees on Saturday, August 14th at Eugene Pride. I think this kept some people away, but all in all, it was a good time and a good turnout.

As things start to close down again to stop the spread of the Delta variant Covid-19, I feel lucky to have been able to get outside and celebrate Pride. Most people were staying at a safe distance and wearing masks, even though we were outside. We tried to stay in the shade when we could, but even so, I got a tiny sunburn.

Pride was fun. We had a great time and enjoyed the performances. The Glamazons were there as well as Slutashia who is one of my faves. I must’ve drank a gallon of fluids (no, not alcohol) while we were there. Apparently, I won a raffle prize, but I don’t know what I won yet. I’ll let you know in a later post 🙂

Did you make it to your pride celebration this year? We’re you at Eugene Pride? Shoot me a message and let me know!

I hope everyone has a great week. Stay cool and stay safe. Wear your mask and protect yourself and others. We’ll get through this.

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