Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to take the rest of the month of December off. I will still have a few blog posts, but other than that, I’m taking a much needed break.

I wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays! I hope they are filled with love, family (in whatever form that takes), friends, good food and good times. This year, as in last year, we all need to see each other, spend time together, and be thankful for the people in our lives and the life that we share.

Out from the Under has 35 episodes available now on Kindle Vella, with the final 5 episodes coming by February 2022. Go here to read it! Your first 3 episodes are free, and then you get free tokens to continue the story. I’m not sure how long they will be giving away the free tokens, so head over now to claim yours. Please give a thumbs up and follow the story, Out from the Under.

My series, Coffee and Emeralds now has 3 books available. The third book, The Essence of Green, is only available on Amazon for now. It’s in Kindle Unlimited and you can read if for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member. If not, you can find it here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Essence-Green-Coffee-Emeralds-Three-ebook/dp/B09GN8T63Y

I recently began selling my first two books myself. You can bypass Amazon and go here to purchase them and get instant delivery: https://payhip.com/RaeMcD.

I’m cheaper than Amazon, and appreciate your support!

You will get the file immediately in epub format. If you need a converter, get Calibre here: https://calibre-ebook.com/download

That’s all I have for you today! I’ll post another update when we get closer to the holidays. Have a wonderful week!



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