New episode of out from the under available now!

Hello readers! Thank you for your patience while I’ve navigated through some personal medical issues. I’m back! And I have 1 new episode of Out from the Under ready for your eyes on Kindle Vella! And 4 more coming very soon!

Go here to see it:

Updates on the sequel:

The continuation of the story starts now! The working and probably final title is: Drifting in the Stillness of the Turmoil. After the events of Out from the Under, another group of survivors have found a unique location to live and thrive due to a radiated and sun ravaged earth. Societies meet and merge, and The New America rears it’s ugly head.

Keep an eye out for the first episode, releasing soon! I will likely post one new episode a week at first, due to my busy schedule. I’m planning at least 40 episodes for this story.

I want to give a shout out to Dave, who contacted me recently asking when the rest of Out from the Under was going to be published. Thanks for reaching out Dave! I love hearing from my readers! You lit a fire under me!

This was just a quick blog post to let you know I’m still here! Go ahead and read the new episode and let me know what you think! I’ll be here, typing away, and looking forward to your comments!

As always, thanks!


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