An oops and a fun night!

Apparently, episode 16 of Lavender Lines and Lowdowns didn’t publish last week as expected, so It’s up now on Anchor, Spotify, etc. Episode 17 is also live and available for a listen.

We attended the final Damsels, Divas, and Dames benefit show on Saturday, and it was a blast. Daphne and Diva were in their typical hilarious form, and all the performers were fantastic. The benefit show was for HIV Alliance, a group dedicated to supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS and preventing new HIV infections. They’ve been around since 1994, and do a wonderful thing for those in our community living with HIV/AIDS. It was a sold-out show, and I’m happy to say that they raised a ton of money for HIV alliance.

Daphne Bertha Storm and Diva Simone Slaughter

Every performer was fabulous, and we really enjoyed every aspect of the show. The final performer was Daphne herself, in an unprecedented fantasy Maleficent outfit!

It was a fitting end of an era, as this was the final Damsels, Divas, and Dames show. I hope that they bring it back in some form, as it’s been a favorite drag show every year it’s been put on (2020 and 2021 didn’t happen due to COVID) for 23 years.

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Thanks! Rae

Nicole Serenity Storm

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